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A company that, together with young talented designers, creates both products under its own label and for other organizations. Puik means 'top quality' in Dutch, 'The best of something'.

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Silly candle holder
Mint green - set of 2

Silly is a smart and playful candle holder. Because of the double-sided design, the Silly can be used to put in normal dinner candles or tea lights. Simply turn the candle holder and use it for a different type of candle. Silly is made of silicone plastic. It is suitable for candles with a 20 or 23 mm diameter. The Silly comes as a set of 2 of the same color.

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Not silly, very smart!

When you see the Silly candle holders without candles you may think they are coffee cups. The round shape with the little ear may remind you of an espresso cup by Alessi. But no, the Silly is actually a candle holder. And it's definitely not silly! On the contrary, this candle holder is very smart and useful.

Double-sided use

This playful candle holder is designed in such a way that you can use both sides. One side has a hole for a normal dinner candle (with a 20cm diameter), the other side has a hole for a tea light (with a 23 cm diameter). Simply turn the candle holder and use it for a different type of candle.

Colorful silicone home accessory

The Silly is made of 100% silicone plastic.This candle holder is mint green, but it is also available in black, anthracite grey and red. Silicone is a non-toxic synthetic rubber-like material with properties that make it extremely suitable to use in a candle holder. Silicone is not only resistant to heat and cold, but it hardly conducts them either. It also protects the surface on which the candle holder is located from burning. Moreover, silicone is resistant to UV light and oxygen, making the color and shape extremely long-lasting.

A gift set

The Silly comes as a set of 2 in a playful box of 10.6cm wide x 8cm deep x 6.5 m tall. This makes it the ideal gift for him or her, and certainly as a wedding gift.

Product specifications
Brand : Puik Art
Designer : Bastiaan Hemmes

: 100% Silicone


: 4 x 7 cm (h x w) each


: Mint green


: Set of 2

Weight : 150 grams per set incl. packaging
Shipping Service
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  • Vast pakket tarief € 4,95
  • Envelop (busstuk) € 1,95
  • Besteld voor 21:00 u volgende werkdag bezorgd in Nederland
  • Besteld voor 21.00 u de daarop volgende werkdag bezorgd in Duitsland en België
  • Internationale Bezorging
  • Tarief afhankelijk van gewicht en bestemming
  • De bezorgkosten voor jouw bestelling zie je altijd in je besteloverzicht, voordat je betaalt
  • Bezorging afhankelijk van bestemming in 2 tot 7 dagen
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Silly candle holder Mint green - Set of 2