Martine Viergever

From her studio in Rotterdam, Martine Viergever designs highly individual jewelry, which creates a special bond with its wearer.

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The Bic pen lid is the model for this 925 sterling silver clip.

  • The Bic pen lid is the model for this 925 sterling silver clip.
  • The Bic pen lid is the model for this 925 sterling silver clip.

The Bic pen lid
925 Sterling silver

Jewellery designer Martine Viergever has created this silver clip from a chewed-up lid. As the BIC pen is the most ‘eaten’ pen in the world, Martine liked the idea of making it into jewellery. "I've chewed the lid myself,” she said in an interview with NRC.

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Martine Viergever designs and makes her distinctive silver jewellery at her studio in Rotterdam. Every piece is handmade and unusual. This silver clip is made from a chewed Bic pen lid and goes beautifully on a collar, lapel, hat, scarf or breast pocket.

The design

In her work, Martine Viergever is drawn to the everyday. Chewed-up Bic pens, bread fasteners, and rubber bands. The things that surround us without our even noticing. These grey mice, underdogs, and wallflowers are plucked out of anonymity and given a special place by being made into jewellery. They are removed from their purely functional character and presented in high quality Sterling silver: a crown for their modesty. ‘Things that might as well 'be’ is a strong unisex line that is peculiar to itself and the wearer.

Are you looking for jewellery that has a meaning, brings back memories, and catches the eye? The Bic pen lid is the most chewed lid in the world and because of this, it stirs up memories for many people. It is just as nice as a treat for yourself or to give as a gift. The clip is delivered in an attractive box.

Highest quality silver

925 Silver jewellery is 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% is an alloy, usually copper or a similar copper substitute. Every piece from Martine Viergever has a 925 silver stamp to demonstrate the quality. 925 silver is silver of the highest quality.

Martine Viergever

Martine Viergever's handmade pieces bring out the hidden beauty of everyday objects. Her collection Things That Might As Well Be...comprises forgotten clutter lying in kitchen drawers and dusty corners, just waiting to be discovered by Martine. Pen lids, hairpins, and things from nature get a silver coating from Martine, transforming them into beautiful items of jewellery that stir up memories.

Product specifications
Designer : Martine Viergever
Material : 925/1000 Sterling silver
Color : Silver
Dimensions : 7,2 x 1,2 x 1,2 cm (h x b x d)
Weight : 15,3 grams
Hand made : Minor variations
Shipping Service
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  • Besteld voor 21.00 u de daarop volgende werkdag bezorgd in Duitsland en België
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