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Maandag Meubels is a cool brand for cozy outdoor products. The products are made from materials that can withstand a little rain or a rough handling.

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Candle Holder XXL

Imagine yourself as a modern king or queen in a castle with the Castle Candle Holder XXL by Maandag Meubels. A large, sturdy candle holder with 4 arms. Made of stainless steel, inspired by the middle ages. A beautiful atmospheric lamp for indoor and outdoor. The candle holder can be easily combined with the other Castle Candle Holder models.


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Castle Candle Holder

With the Castle Candle Holder by Maandag Meubels, you'll feel like a king or queen in a castle. Medieval life inspired Kodjo Kouwenhoven of Maandag Meubels to create this unique collection of castle candle holders. The different floor, table, and wall models provide your room with light.


The Castle Candle Holders by Maandag Meubels have both a classic and modern design. They are sturdy and robust, made of orbitally polished stainless steel. This means that the steel is matte thanks to a process of directionless sanding. All candle holders are equipped with glass lanterns. The combination of stainless steel and glass lanterns makes them also suitable to use outside.

Beautiful combinations

The Castle Candle Holder series include a wall model, table model, floor candle holder (48 cm high), and the masterpiece; the 4-armed XXL candle holder.

Indoor and outdoor

The Castle Cande Holders not only look beautiful inside, but are also perfectly suited for your patio or garden.

Product specifications
Brand : Maandag Meubels


: Kodjo Kouwenhoven
Material : Stainless steel


: Stainless steel
Dimensions : 51 x 38 x 38 cm (h x b x d)
Dimensions wind light 

: 10 x 16 cm (Ø x h)

Candle : Not included
Recommended candle 

: Max. 6,8 x 13 cm (Ø x h)

Weight : 3000 grams
Shipping Service
  • Bezorging in Nederland, Duitsland en België
  • Vast pakket tarief € 4,95
  • Envelop (busstuk) € 1,95
  • Besteld voor 21:00 u volgende werkdag bezorgd in Nederland
  • Besteld voor 21.00 u de daarop volgende werkdag bezorgd in Duitsland en België
  • Internationale Bezorging
  • Tarief afhankelijk van gewicht en bestemming
  • De bezorgkosten voor jouw bestelling zie je altijd in je besteloverzicht, voordat je betaalt
  • Bezorging afhankelijk van bestemming in 2 tot 7 dagen
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