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These designer vases and bowls of renowned designers and artists are expertly prepared in the Cor Unum studio by talent from the labor market.

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JVDV Tulip Vases
Bas van Beek

Tulip vases with a Wow factor. Bas van Beek has designed this series of contemporary versions of the Tulip vase, graceful and sleek with a recurring pentagon motif. Made of white or bronze glazed earthenware. The JVDV's are named after Jan van de Vaart - an influential ceramist - and is 19 cm high, 28, 23 or 19 cm wide and stackable. You can pile up two or three JVDV-P1 into one large stately Tulip vase. Simply superb. Only for sale at a few stores.


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Stijlvol & stapelbaar: JVDV tulpenvazen

Veel tulpenvazen zijn traditioneel van vorm en decoratie. Deze JVDV tulpenvazen dus niet. Deze eigentijdse  tulpenvazen van wit aardewerk zijn ontworpen vanuit een pentagon als basisvorm en hebben vijfhoekige bloemgaten. Fraai als siervaas, sfeervol met bloemen. De JVDV vazen zijn ook heel stabiel stapelbaar zodat je een vaas van 40, 60 80 cm kan creëren, waarmee de vaas een prachtig en statig effect krijgt. Er is ook een apart topstuk van 50 cm – de kroon op de tulpenvazen. Geproduceerd door Cor Unum contemporary ceramics.

Stylish & stackable: JVDV-1 Tulip Vase

Many tulip vases are traditionally shaped and decorated. Not these JVDV Tulip Vases. The design of these series of contemporary tulip vases of white or bronze glazed pottery is based on a pentagon and has multiple pentagonal or quadrangular flower holes. Beautiful, attractive as an ornamental vase with flowers. The JVDV vases are also very stable stackable so you can create a 40, 60 or 80 cm vase, which gives the JVDV a an even more beautiful and stately effect. Produced by Cor Unum contemporary ceramics.

JVDV Tulip Vase – background

The name of the JVDV Tulip vases stem from the initials of Jan van der Vaart, one of the most influential Dutch ceramic artists of the 20th century, known for reintroducing the Tulip vase or tulips Tower from the 16th century in its own constructivist form. Where Jan van der Vaart has used the circle, the square and the hexagon as the basis for his designs, Bas van Beek has used the underlying design principles in a pentagon in which he also applied a transformation of designs by H.P. Berlage.

The history of the tulip vase

The Tulip vase is a vase made for flowers and, in particular, tulips, but serves equally well as a decor piece. Tulip vases date from the time of king William III and his wife Mary Stuart. Then the first flowers holders with spouts were made, possibly because Mary Stuart launched the fashion to have fresh flowers in your home. The English Princess ordered a number of different vases designed by Daniel Marot from Pottery The Greek A in Delft, The Netherlands. In the 17th century, tulip vases were produced in Delft and were decorated with a Delft blue  or Chinese decoration. They were put down in the middle of the table as showpieces, even without flowers. Only a century later, one spoke about Tulip vases.

JVDV designer Bas van Beek

Bas van Beek (1974, Nijmegen) is an anti-designer, who criticizes market mechanisms, 'branding', poor conceptualism and the uncritical designer-cults with his work. BAS has attended the WdKA – the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam where he graduated in 1998. Since he did not aspire to work at an design agency, he started his career as an independent designer. As of 2006 Bas van Beek teaches at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where he was head of designLAB form 2009 to 2013. About his inspiration he says: 'I don't work that way, it is rather an unhealthy obsession that drives me. If it’s not there, nothing happens.' The designs of Bas van Beek cover a wide area: architecture, furniture, ceramics, glass, patterns. He often works with existing materials, and exploits fully the aesthetics of the arbitrary and the coincidence. His work can be found in collections of, among others, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam, National Glass Museum Leerdam, Princessehof Leeuwarden and the Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg.

Product specifications
Brand : Cor Unum
Designer : Bas van Beek
Material :Earthenware
Color :White or bronze
Dimensions :19 x 28/23/19 cm (h x w)
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