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Iced Carafe
A cool carafe!

The Iced Carafe by Royal VKB is the ideal solution for serving chilled drinks. With the Iced Carafe, you won't need any ice cubes. Serve all your guests without spilling. Really, no spilling! Cool, isn't it?

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The Iced Carafe is extremely cool!

The Iced Carafe by Royal VKB is the ideal solution for serving chilled drinks. You know the feeling: you have a can with water and ice cubes. Pouring the drink without spilling is almost impossible because of the ice cubes. And often the water will no longer be cool for your late guests. With the Iced Carafe, this is a thing of the past. Cool, isn't it?

How the Iced Carafe works

The carafe has the shape of a bottle with cap. The bottle is decorated with ice crystals in the glass. Fill the ice crystals with water and place the bottle in the freezer. The layer of water in the crystals will freeze and creates an ice layer along the entire length of the bottle. All liquids that you pour into the bottle will remain cool for a long time. The ice remains in the small crystals; serve all your guests with a cool glass of water without spilling.


The Iced Carafe is designed by Officeoriginair. The bottle has a size of 28 cm high x 8.5 cm diameter. It has a warm, transparent gray color and is made of Polycarbonate and Silicone.

Product specifications
Brand : Royal VKB
Designer : Officeoriginair

: Polycarbonate and Silicone


: Contains no BPA (Bisphenol A)


: Transparent warm grey


: 28 cm high x 8,5 cm Ø


: Dishwasher proof, not oven or mircowave proof

Weight  : 300 gram
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