Henk Stallinga

By focusing on functionality and imagination, Stallinga offers users of his designs a different perspective on product application. He creates innovative products with a new meaning.

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Multifunctional Good Slab design vase bowl

  • Multifunctional Good Slab design vase bowl
  • Multifunctional Good Slab design vase bowl
  • Dutch design vase or bowl Slab

Goods Slab
vase or bowl

The Goods Slab will enrich your house with a multifunctional design. The Slab vase bowl is made of a rubber and aluminum combination. This design object is therefore water-proof and can be molded into any shape you like! Therefore, the Slab by Goods is both a vase and a bowl, as well as a ... The Goods Slab vases and bowls by designer Henk Stallinga are designer accessories that you’ll never get tired of!


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Goods Slab: multifunctional

The Goods Slab by industrial designer Henk Stallinga is multifunctional. As a result of the rubber-aluminum combination, the applications are infinite. The flexible, moldable materials ensure that you can turn the Slab vase bowl by Goods into a vase, bowl, flower pot or any other accessory you want in no time.

Different perspective

Designer Henk Stallinga is known for his balance between imagination and functionality. With the Goods Slab vase bowl, he gives a new meaning to the use of this design object. Through a clever use of rubber and aluminum, the Slab by Goods can be molded into any shape you want. If you have multiple Goods Slabs, you can also form several items and design accessories from the same material. Not only stylish, but also sustainable. If you’re fed up with the fruit bowl, you can turn it into a black vase. You will suddenly have several flower pots and vases! There will be no need to throw things away.

Infinite applications

You will never get tired of the Goods Slab vase bowl! The timeless, moldable, black rubber will turn the Slab by Goods into a multifunctional item. The material of rubber and aluminum is 40 x 40 centimeters. As a result, you are in control of creating any water-proof design accessory that fits into your interior!

Product specifications
Brand : Goods
Designer : Henk Stallinga
Materials : Rubber, aluminium
Color : Black
Dimensions : 40 x 40 cm (h x b)
Particularity  : Flexible so you can reshape
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