Willem Noyons

The imaginative, timeless design and sophisticated materials make the products of William Noyons enduringly popular. His work surprises, inspires and is transparent. Glass Design of the highest level.

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Goods Double vase

No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes! This design vase by Goods really consists of two parts! The Double vase by designer Willem Noyons is a vase that is as beautiful as it is practical. Because of the tapering shape of the loose parts, this crystal glass vase is suitable for flowers is all conceivable sizes, quantities, and compositions. You will never have to look for a suitable vase again. You can make the Goods Double vase as wide or narrow and as tall or low as you need!


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Goods Double vase: three-in-one

Willem Noyons designed a vase for all types, quantities, and sizes of flowers. Because the Goods double vase consists of two tapering shapes, these mouth blown glass vases can be used in several ways. You can only use the lower part; the part of the Goods Double vase that can be filled with water. Or you can place the funnel-shaped other half on top of or inside the lower part. First of all, the vase is suitable for one single flower. Second, it’s also suitable for beautiful bouquets.

Art object or practical vase

The artistic double vase by Willem Noyons appeals to one’s imagination. There's a reason why you can find the Goods Double vase in the collections of the Stedelijk museum and the Nationaal Glasmuseum (Glass Museum)! The practical possibilities of this Goods design vase are nevertheless greater than those of other vases. Without a top-piece, the Goods Double Vases are regular flower vases for bouquets. If you turn the loose part downwards in the water reservoir, a taller vase will be created to accommodate larger flowers, such as Roses. When you finally slide the funnel-shaped part over the lower part, the neck will suddenly be narrow enough for one single flower, such as the Gerbera.

Crystal clear and frosted

The Double vase by Goods consists of crystal glass, has a height of 28 centimeters, and has a diameter of 14 centimeters. Given the material, you would expect that the vase can only be ordered in a crystal clear version. But Goods wouldn’t be Goods if it wouldn’t push the boundaries of design. Therefore, a combined version with a frosted glass part and clear glass part is also available. The Goods Double vase is both beautiful and practical!

Product specifications
Brabd : Goods
Designer : Willem Noyons
Material : Mouth-blown crystal glass
Color : Clear or Frosted/Clear
Dimensions : 28 x 14 cm (h x ø)
Particularity  : Vase consists of 2 pieces
Shipping Service
  • Bezorging in Nederland, Duitsland en België
  • Vast pakket tarief € 4,95
  • Envelop (busstuk) € 1,95
  • Besteld voor 21:00 u volgende werkdag bezorgd in Nederland
  • Besteld voor 21.00 u de daarop volgende werkdag bezorgd in Duitsland en België
  • Internationale Bezorging
  • Tarief afhankelijk van gewicht en bestemming
  • De bezorgkosten voor jouw bestelling zie je altijd in je besteloverzicht, voordat je betaalt
  • Bezorging afhankelijk van bestemming in 2 tot 7 dagen
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Goods Double vase