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Garlic Crusher
Garlic press

A garlic press that crushes and shreds rather than presses. That’s the Garlic Crusher. The result is at least as good: shredded garlic that preserves the taste and smell. And this Garlic Crusher has a huge advantage over the traditional garlic press, as it’s easy to rinse under the tap!

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Garlic Press

The Garlic Crusher by Royal VKB is not a garlic press. It’s an innovation as well as a simplification of the traditional garlic press. The huge advantage of this Garlic Crusher is its ease of use. You no longer need to have strength in your hands or punch out residual garlic of small holes, as you often have to do when using a traditional garlic press in order to clean it well. With the flat side of the Garlic Crusher, you can crush the garlic, after which you can roll over it with the serrations in order to get perfectly small pieces. When you’re done using it, you can simply rinse the press under the tap, and if you subsequently use the Garlic Crusher as a bar of soap - while cleaning it -, you can rinse the unpleasant smell off of your hands at the same time.

Not just for garlic

The Garlic Crusher is not only useful for crushing and shredding garlic, it’s also very suitable for crumbling ginger, nuts, fresh herbs, biscuits, and toast - basically everything.

Elegant stainless steel

The Garlic Crusher is made of high-quality stainless high-grade steel and has a solid and sturdy design that is pleasant to hold in your hand with its length of 18 cm and diameter of 3.7 cm.

A nice gift

This Garlic Crusher is an absolute must-have for garlic fans. This Garlic Crusher that is wrapped in a beautiful black gift box is a nice gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday, or a wedding - and of course, it’s perfect for scaring vampires away!

Product specifications
Brand : Royal VKB
Designer  :Ineke Hans


: Stainless steel


: Stainless steel


: 18 cm x 3,7 cm (h x Ø)

How to clean

: Rinse with warm water


: Not dishwasher, oven or microwave proof

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