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The renowned design foundation Droog is a national and international leader in luxury Dutch design. Droog is known for its conceptual and contextual approach to designs with a sober, Dutch approach.

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Crystal wine glasses
Matte black crystal

Cheers! With this series of beautiful crystal design wine glasses by Dutch design brand Droog - including champagne flute - any party will be tasteful and lively. The glasses vary in size and are true eye-catchers. They make great ice-breakers too. The designs of this series of AA wineglasses are based off historical examples from the Rijksmuseum's collection. Interestingly enough, these wine glasses were designed by an artist collective called Anonymous Artists (AA). AA is widely known as the acronym for Alcoholics Anonymous, an organisation aimed at recovering alcoholics. The glasses are made of modern matte black crystal, though they are also available in classic clear crystal.


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Droog wine glasses with historical character

These crystal glasses from the AA series by Dutch brand Droog Design are based on historical forebears. For example, a glass from approx. 1680- 1700 with an engraved vineyard and dancing farmers modelled for the flute; a glass with a flat foot, a baluster stem with two disks and a funnel shaped chalice from approx. 1550- 1600, a wineglass with an engraving of religion, hope, and love from 1675 - 1700, a glass with a woman on a spinet around 1750, and a glass with engraved scenes from Bacchus from 1650 - 1675 modelled for these wine glasses. Drink wine with character!

A neatly set table

The AA series of wine glasses by Dutch brand Droog Design consists of different glasses for different applications. That way you can set a table completely, neatly, and - most importantly - stylishly!

Which glasses for which wines?

Celebrating in style? Start with an aperitif and a toast! Afterwards, take a seat at the dinner table for a dinner with several courses. Here we have a number of tips for the etiquette of pouring wine and toasting:

  • According to etiquette, sparkling wine (wine with bubbles) is used for a toast. Preferably real champagne. For example, champagne from the French Champagne region. Sparkling wines are to be served in glasses with high chalices, also known as flûtes. This way the bubbles will sparkle for as long as possible. For example, take the flute 304.05.
  • Ensure that every plate has a glass for (sparkling or flat mineral) water and that this glass is consistently refilled throughout the dinner. So guests can neutralise their palates regularly. Water is to be poured in a low glass, for example in wineglasses 304.01.
  • Depending on the menu, different wines are to be selected. Rosé or white wine with many light fish dishes. Pour white wine in a glass with a smaller chalice, that way the flavour will stay for longer. Wineglass 304.02 is fitting for this.
    • Larger chalices are acceptable for red wines. The more character a red wine has, the bigger the chalice may be. This is important to allow the aromas to "breathe" freely. For example wineglasses 304.03 or 304.04.

Classic clear glasses or beautiful black glasses

The AA series of historical wineglasses is available in two colours. True wine connoisseurs opt for crystal clear wineglasses. Colour is an important factor in selecting wines, as it says a lot about a wine's quality. But personally, we think the matte black crystal glasses look quite dashing. Imagine: matte black glasses on a lustrous satin table cloth and white crockery with silver cutlery. Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Product specifications
Brand : Droog
Designers : Anonymous Artists (AA)
Material : Crystal
Colour : Matte black
Size glass 01 : 27cl, 15,2 x 8,8 cm (h x Ø)
Size glass 02 : 25cl, 18,7 x 10,7 cm (h x Ø)
Size glass 03 : 38cl, 18,7 x 9,7 cm (h x Ø)
Size glass 04 : 40cl, 22,6 x 10,1 cm (h x Ø)
Size glass 05 flûte : 23cl, 27,8 x 8,8 cm (h x Ø)
Upkeep : Warm water and dishwashing detergent
Unsuitable for : Dishwasher, oven, microwave
Shipping Service
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  • Vast pakket tarief € 4,95
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  • Besteld voor 21:00 u volgende werkdag bezorgd in Nederland
  • Besteld voor 21.00 u de daarop volgende werkdag bezorgd in Duitsland en België
  • Internationale Bezorging
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  • Bezorging afhankelijk van bestemming in 2 tot 7 dagen
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