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No mass production 

Designer products; either they are extremely expensive or can be found in every household. Born entrepreneur Paul Eikelboom (44) was immensely annoyed by the mass production of designer products. This prompted him to open an online shop in 2013, focusing on exclusive and affordable lighting. Together with Petra Mastenbroek, he has since developed an original lamp or lampshade on a weekly basis - hence the company name 52Shapes. Because the lighting is available on demand and 3D printed, these plastics designer lamps remain both exclusive and affordable. The circulation of the lamps developed by 52Shapes - from pendant lamp, floor lamp to lamp table - is limited to 250 pieces. After a lamp is sold out, it will no longer be sold. This makes the lamps by 52Shapes particularly unique.

Versitale designer 

Paul Eikelenboom is a true entrepreneur. Because of his roots in online marketing, he recognizes opportunities that he is able to creatively take advantage of. Whereas in the past, he used to increase conversion rates for companies like XS4ALL, NN and the State Lottery, he now uses these methods to find new start-ups and offer business advice. His aim is to make results measurable and to be prepared for future changes. Recently, Paul founded the company Proctor2me/Procwise, an online proctoring service for institutions including universities. He is also owner of Fris idee, an agency that develops results-oriented online concepts. He was also co-founder of YEAH! images (market place for photo licenses through Instagram and EyeEm), a partner of nReduce.com (no nonsense accelerator) and performance marketeer at Hollandsnieuwe.nl.

Helping graduating students

Eikelboom has a penchant for the support and promotion of start-ups. Since 2012, he has been involved in Startup Weekend NEXT and StartupPush.com. These are free Accelerator programs - in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, Ace and Venturelab - to benefit business start-ups and new initiatives. As a partner, Paul contributes with his knowledge and experience in internet marketing. The aim is to assist new graduate students in setting up a businesses that use technologies in the field of 3D printing, MOOC Exams, care giving, and Stock Photography via Instagram.

Experienced in 3D printing

As is often the case, a company is created on the basis of someone's private desires. For the online brand 52Shapes, this was a desire for uniqueness and exclusivity. By using new technologies, Eikelboom is able to combine exclusive design with on-demand production. At the same time, 3D technology and high-quality plastic provide great freedom when it comes to design. Even products with fine mesh shapes and widths of up to 1 mm are possible. All these designer lamps are produced on-demand using 3D printers, and manufactured and delivered from Hillegom. The 52Shapes lamps consist of a plastic frame and cord with fitting. The holes, covered with light sources and other playful elements of the 52Shapes result in surprising and unique lamps. Shadows on the walls provide a nice decoration for your bedroom, living room or office. But the beautiful shapes themselves tell a story. Consider the Water Drop lamp , the Big Funnel lamp, or the Tulip lamp. Especially when you choose the white frame, you can easily add a personal touch to your lighting by having the frame sprayed in a colour of your choosing. The 52Shapes 3D lamps by Paul Eikelboom are unique and available on demand. A must-have addition to any lighting plan!

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