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is a concept of Studio Joost Gijzel, a design studio in the center of Utrecht. From his studio with a great view of the Dom Tower, this architectural masterpiece has always been a great source of inspiration for Joost The idea for the Dom Tower sand mold arose while he was playing in the sandbox with his two and three-year-old nephew and niece. He discovered that children love to build towers and to demolish them. He thought how cool would it be if children could learn something while playing. Since there weren't many educational toys on the market, he thought, let me make it myself. That's where SANDMARKS started.

Studio Joost Gijzel

After studying graphic design, advertising and photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Joost Gijzel started his own design studio in the Utrecht city center in 2007. From here he helps companies and entrepreneurs set up a visual identity for their company. In addition to graphic design, Joost specializes in photography, which is how he has managed to combine his two greatest qualities. Joost has several product concepts to his name - from wine packaging and cycling jerseys to Sandmarks.