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ignore is an Amsterdam design studio. Ingore develops furniture and interior accessories with a minimalist character. All products are developed with full focus on the designs itself. This enables ignore to encourage people to make conscious interior choices. Would we make the same decisions if we ignore all the stimuli around us and only focus on what we really like? ignore teams up with designers who share the ignore vision on design. Together they have developed a strong minimalist collection. All products are designed in the Netherlands, 90% is produced in the Netherlands as well.



ignore is an initiative of Julien van Hassel who collaborates with various designers under this label. To put together a versatile collection with minimalist design as the common thread. The Show vase is a design by Julien himself, the Dance table and the Look mirrors are designs by Utrecht based designer Marc Th. Van der Voorn. Before Julien founded ignore, he worked for various design labels, in particular in sales and marketing in which positions he also visited many trade fairs. There he mainly missed design in a minimalist style. His motivation to start his own design label.