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Typical Dutch

Hollandsche Waaren plays with traditional Dutch characteristics and symbols. All products in the series by designer Anne-Marie Jetten include a recognisable element with a contemporary twist. Its products are well suited for a surprising gift with Dutch flavour or for promotional gifts to foreign friends!

Dutch souvenirs 

Anne-Marie Jetten (1973) is the creative force behind the label Hollandsche Waaren. Anne-Marie studied arts in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Afterwards she began her studies at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam where she traveled to Japan for a project. There she was confronted with the clichés surrounding our little country: tulips, windmills, wooden shoes, etc. Anne-Marie decided to put the typical souvenir in a new guise. This was the start of Hollandsche Waaren. Today she works from her studio in the old Caballero factory in The Hague, where she draws inspiration from historic Dutch themes and landscapes. With a twist, that is.

Her favourite design, she says, is her first: The blue cup with Delftware base . Take a look in our online store!<