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Sustainability is key

Smart3Dprint aims to make 3D printing accessible to everyone. They offer a surprising range of 3D printed products such as jewelry and home accessories. Durable materials and intelligent technology are the basis for their beautiful designs. Besides smart 3D-printing technology, Smart3Dprint develops sustainable initiatives such as the generation of solar energy and the local production of sustainable products. A new industrial revolution!

Run by brothers

The 3D designs by Smart3Dprint are designed by Studio TIKA, run by the brothers Tibo and Kajo Pas. Tibo has a background in furniture design and Kajo draws his inspiration from industrial techniques. The designs are produced with different 3D printers. The work of Studio TIKA is characterized by durable materials combined with modern techniques. 3D print experience Smart3Dprint allows you to experience 3D technology in their unique 3D print shop in an old chapel in Noordwijk aan Zee. In this shop they provide demonstrations, introducing people to the unlimited possibilities of 3D printing.

About 3D printing

Are you interested in 3D printing? The possibilities of 3D printing are endless! In 3D printing, a digital file is converted to a tangible three-dimensional object. The object is created, layer by layer, using the 3D printer. Even complex shapes such as the designs by Smart3Dprint with many geometric angles can be printed using a 3D printer. Nowadays, more and more artists and designers are using 3D printing techniques to create interesting designs. A home 3D printer is still something for the future, mainly due to the high costs. Why not order your 3D-printed lamp or jewelry from Holland shop?