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Lifecycle of Asymmetree

Anja Verdonk started her own brand in 2013 under the name 'Asymmetree'. In 2007, she graduated from her architecture course at the Technical University in Delft, after which she worked for several architectural firms. She decided to establish herself as a designer resulting in the creation of Asymmetree products. An important source of inspiration are nature , architecture and science. The style of Asymmetree can be recognised by the visualisation of natural products and processes which are produced in various forms.

Advanced techniques

Asymmetree's products are produced using the most advanced techniques in the design world. Laser cutting and 3D printing are no taboos for Anja. The products are eventually hand-finished by Anja herself. You'll find a wide range of wall clocks in organic shapes and natural colors in our collection. The clocks are a great example of the natural principles on which Asymmetree is based. Think of coral, honeycomb or wood trimmings. We guarantee that these clocks will be true eye-catchers in your interior. Don't like the ticking sound of ordinary clocks? Then these clocksare the perfect solution. They feature a silent mechanism; no ticking but a quietly rotating second hand.

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