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The name tells the story

Designer products; either they are extremely expensive or can be found in every household. If you love exclusive and affordable lighting, 52Shapes lamps are made for you! This online brand was created because of the designer's desire for uniqueness and exclusivity. 52Shapes is named after the number of unique designer lamps created every year. Every Sunday evening, at exactly 7pm, a new lamp is introduced that can be ordered on demand. The lamp is delivered within 15 days.

Exclusive and affordable 

Entrepreneur and designer Paul Eikelenboom started 52Shapes in 2013. Together with Petra Mastenbroek, he has since developed an original lamp design or lampshade on a weekly basis. Because the lighting is available on demand and 3D printed, these plastics designer lamps remain both exclusive and affordable. The circulation of the lamps developed by 52Shapes - from pendant lamp, floor lamp to lamp table - is limited to 250 pieces. After a lamp is sold out, it will no longer be sold. The lamps by 52Shapes are guaranteed to be unique.

Limited selection of 3D printed lamps

Holland.com offers a limited selection of 52Shapes lamp colors, but the 3D-printed lamps are available in multiple colours. 3D technology and high-quality plastic provide great freedom when it comes to design. Even products with fine mesh shapes and widths of up to 1 mm are possible. All exclusive designer lamps are produced on demand using 3D printers. Therefore, there are no surplus stocks. The plastic is recyclable and after remelting can be re-used for a new product.

Playful and suprising

The 52Shapes lamps consist of a plastic frame and cord with fitting. The holes, covered with light sources and other playful elements of the 52Shapes result in surprising and unique lamps. Shadows on the walls provide a nice decoration for your bedroom, living room or office. But the beautiful shapes themselves tell a story. Consider the Water Drop lamp , the Big Funnel lamp, or the Tulip lamp
When choosing the white frame, you can easily add a personal touch by spraying the frame in a colour of your choice. The 52Shapes 3-dimensional lamps by Paul Eikelboom are unique and available on demand. A must-have addition to any lighting plan!

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