Heinen Delfts Blauw

It begins at the end of the seventies when Jaap Heinen who draws and paints in Japanese and Chinese Imari style, starts to paint also in the Delft blue style.

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Delft Blue
Salad or Fruit Bowl
Blue Festival 32 cm ø

This Royal Delft Blue Salad Bowl (32 cm ø) from the Blue Festival collection of Heinen has its own style with upright edges, blue flamed decoration of the edge and a more subtle dots pattern on the bottom. A design of Geke Lensink. Beautiful, robust and you can also use it as a fruit plate.


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Delft Blue Salad Bowl ø 32 cm

This Delft Blue Salad Bowl is part of the Blue Festival line, a contemporary collection Delft blue crockery. This large Salad Bowl has a recognizable character with the upright edge, the modern blue flamed decoration on the half of the edge and a 3-dots pattern on the bottom. Beautiful and robust, quite different from other bowls.

Designed by Geke Lensink

After her studies at the ArtEZ Institute of Arts Geke has worked as an independent designer on designing exhibitions, interiors and a variety of projects. In 2008 is Geke began designing furniture and crockery. She says about her mission: It is incredibly interesting, using today's knowledge, to start at the beginning again rather than to continue to evolve. The work of Geke Lensink is characterized by tough forms with a minimalist character. 

The Blue Festival design

The tableware designed for Heinen is characterised by clear lines and minimalist design, but also by high standings and the thickness of the material. "All of this creates a tough and contemporary character. The decoration has a clear place in the design. The traditional ornaments and the geometric shapes give the crockery its character. The design is not only meant to appeal to lovers of Delft blue, but also to the people who love the design. It is designed and yet has all Delft blue techniques and features in it.

The Heinen Delft blue story

It starts at the end of 70 years when Jaap Heinen who draws and paints in Japanese and Chinese Imari style, also starts to paint in in Delft blue. In Putten, he begins a small atelier in which he also glazes and bakes. His son Jorrit joins. When - starting from 2007 - the demand for hand-painted Delft blue falls back, Jaap and Jorrit open an own factory in China which produces in Putten designed earthenware, focused on the souvenir market. The hand painting, however, remains a passion and it grows again in popularity since 2015. Employing the best designers, decorators and ceramic-technicians and with love for the centuries-old Delft blue craft, Heinen brings Delft blue tradition and innovation: Creating new traditions.

Product specifications
Brand :Heinen Delft Blue
Designer :Geke Lensink
Material :Pottery
Colours :White and blue
Sizes h x Ø

:Salad bowl 6,5 x 31,8 cm

:Bowl large 6 x 27,8 cm

:Bowl small 8 x 23,8 cm

:Soup bowl 6 x 19,8 cm

:Yoghurt bowl 4 x 15,8 cm

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Delft Blue Salad or Fruit Bowl Blue Festival 32 cm ø