Pepe Heykoop

Dutch Designer Pepe Heykoop (1984) founded his studio in Amsterdam directly after his graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008. Pepe is mainly involved in handwritten and handmade designs, with a natural tendency to recycle objects.

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Cluster Coat Rack

What a cool looking wooden coat rack! Every Cluster coat rack by Pepe Heykoop is unique, made leftover hardwood. There are always differences in wood types and colors. All Cluster coat racks have a width of 50 cm and 4 hooks. The modules can be connected, allowing you to create a longer coat rack. Attractive and practical use of valuable wood remnants.

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Cluster Coat Rack

What a cool looking wooden coat rack! All Cluster coat racks by Pepe Heykoop are unique. Every Cluster coat rack is made of remnants of various types of hardwood. As a result, the coat racks are made of different types of wood and have different shapes and colors. The width is always 50 cm. And the coat rack always has 4 hooks. The Cluster coat rack is modular. That is to say, all modules fit together, allowing you to create larger coat racks of 100 cm, 150 cm, or 200 cm. An excellent example of using leftover wood for furniture rather than throwing it in the incinerator.


The Cluster coat rack is made of different types of hardwood sawing remnants. Each Cluster coat rack is 50 cm wide and has 4 hooks. Wood type, color, and form vary per rack. The ends of one or multiple pieces of wood may have a color marking, which is applied during cutting to indicate lengths.

A longer Cluster coat rack?

Use multiple Cluster coat racks to create a robust, larger rack. You can also choose to place several modules next to each other with spacing in between. Doing so will ensure that the uniqueness of the individual modules become more apparent.

Product specifications
Merk : Studio Pepe Heykoop
Designer : Pepe Heykoop

: Leftovers of different types of wood, steel


: 14 x 50 cm (w x h), height and depth vary somewhat

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