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Absolutely wonderful, those typical Dutch books

About familiar subjects such as Duch design and architecture, but also about cities, nature and culture. A selection of books about typical Dutch things.  


Dutch Design and architecture

Dutch designs are highlighted in the Dutch Design Year Book 2014, How they work and VIP Vision in Design. Books as Piet Boon 3 – Styling and Pinned Up – Marcel Wanders are about the work of specific Dutch designers. There are also different review books in the field of architecture such as Double Dutch, Dutch architecture from 1985 and Dutch Architecture in 250 Masterpieces.


Culture - art, canals & bridges, bikes and more

High recommended is the Bosatlas of Cultural Heritage – a beautiful and interesting book, with a lot more depth than the famous geographical Bosatlas. The capital of Amsterdam is beautifully portrayed in Amsterdam Metropolitan Village and The Amsterdam Canals including wonderful photographs. The Golden Age is discussed in The Great Golden Age book, which is entirely devoted to this period. Dutch bike riding is central in The Dutch and their Bikes, which illustrates our life on our bikes and how and why the bike pops up everywhere.  


Dutch nature

Beautiful books about Dutch nature are The Wadden and The Dutch Coast. About Holland by Karel Tomeï illustrates the Dutch nature, landscapes and town from the air  – enjoy beautiful Dutch images and photographs.  


Practical guides

The Holland Handbook is full of information about visas, permits, work, housing, insurance, education, telephones and basically anything someone from abroad, who wants to live in the Netherlands for a long period of time, would like to know. An unmissable book for expats.


From & about the Netherlands

Besides this series of books, Holland Design & Gifts also hosts a range of products by more than 100 Dutch designers. They develop products under their own name of for famous Dutch labels such as Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen and Goods and sometimes even for a brand from abroad such as Hay and Alessi